Top 10 Most Popular Sports in the United Kingdom

Top 10 Most Popular Sports in the United Kingdom

Football is an extremely popular sport in the United Kingdom.

Sports have a magical influence on people. They can connect them all together. The United Kingdom is a home of professional athletes. People there are interested in sports, where they appreciate and estimate this healthy life and profession.

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The country has given birth to several major international sports such as football, rugby, cricket, golf, tennis, and track and field among others. Sport is a major source of entertainment in the UK with thousands of spectators filling stadiums and arenas to cheer on their favorite teams. Sports are also major sources of revenue in the UK for players, government, and investors. Here are some of the most popular sports in the UK.

10) Rugby:

Rugby is one of the most liked sports in the UK.  In this country, rugby was the sport of the elite people yet it is now played by many peoples in the UK, as its popularity increases continuously. Like football, rugby is also encouraged by the Government of the UK.

Rabah Slimani of France scores their third try during the 2015 Rugby World Cup.(Source: Getty Images)

Indeed, Yorkshire, North West England and Cumbria are some of the spots where Rugby is admired and major games are held in these areas. It seems that these places are a welcome carpet for sports.

9) Badminton:

Being a heritage, badminton is ranked as one of the most liked racket games in the UK. The Badminton Association of England was founded in 1893, which grew slowly but surely and currently is known as Badminton England.

Gabrielle and Chris Adcock won their mixed doubles clash against Malaysia.

Badminton England is also the founding member of the International Badminton Federation. This federation is responsible for providing support to 41 countries of England in league structure and club structure.

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8) Tennis:

Tennis is also a popular sport in the U.K. The most popular Tennis tournament, originated in the U.K is known as Wimbledon. The first tennis club in the U.K. was a small club in the south of London around 1877.

Gold medalist Andy Murray of Great Britain celebrates during the medal ceremony for the Men’s Singles Tennis match. (Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)

Tennis in the U.K. not only attracts sports lovers and sports critics from all around the world but it also attracts thousands of tourists every year. While tennis is an individual sport, the Lawn Tennis is considered the 8th most popular bracket game in the U.K.

7) Swimming: 

A lot of U.K people are affectionate of swimming. Swimming is an affiliate to the British Olympic Association and British Paralympic Association, which is responsible for elite performance and organizes many international swimming competitions in the UK annually.

The UK has the appropriate facilities to train swimmers of all capabilities.

This association arranges different international swimming competitions in Great Britain every year.  According to a sports journal, Swimming received the third-highest UK Sports investment of any Olympic or Paralympic sport.

6) Rowing:

The Amateur Rowing Association (ARA) of the UK is the main body in England for the sport of rowing in the country. This Rowing Association is accountable for the progress and association of global rowing teams in lieu of Great Britain.

The UK rowing team’s boats are equipped with force sensors, angle sensors to provide individual athlete data as well as data from the hull.

From the most popular rowing teams in the UK: Thames Rowing Club, Bedford Rowing Club, London Rowing Club, and Kingston Rowing Club. This Rowing Association is also responsible for the development and organization of international rowing teams representing Great Britain.

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5) Ice Hockey UK: 

Ice Hockey UK is the national governing body of the sport of ice hockey in the UK. The Ice Hockey UK is affiliated to the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF). IHUK is also the internationally recognized umbrella body in the United Kingdom.

Great Britain’s team before their World Championship group matches in Eindhoven.

Except for the management and arrangement of different tournaments, this association is also responsible for the good order of the sport in the UK.  The well-known Ice Hockey team is the Great Britain Men’s National Ice Hockey Team which is also commonly known as Team GB.

4) Netball Superleague:

The Netball Superleague is the elite netball competition in the UK. Scotland and Wales. The netball Superleague was established in 1999. Netball Superleague tournaments are regularly shown on sports broadcaster Sky Sports, due to a major television deal signed in 2006.

Surrey Storm won the Netball Superleague Grand Final.

The netball Superleague includes players from England, Wales, Fiji, Scotland and New Zealand.

3) Cricket

Anyone who has very little knowledge of sports knows that Cricket is the national game of the UK. Cricket actually first rooted in the UK, and now it has spread to hundreds of countries all over the world. During the 18th Century when the cricket starts very rapid growth and became very popular in all the world.

The UK has over 20 cricket clubs.

There are 18 professional cricket clubs in the UK with the majority in England. The clubs compete in first-class County Championship each summer. The championship consists of two leagues in which matches are played over four days. Although Scotland and Ireland have their own cricket teams, the game is not as popular in the two countries as it is in England and Wales.

2) Athletics: 

British Athletics has extended their partnership with Nike to 2030. (Image Credit: British Sports)

England is the country which has the most number of athletes than any other country. The large squad of U.K. athletes, which includes the world and Olympic champion Rebecca Adlington and world champion Keri-Anne Payne.  A few years ago U.K Sport support services, decided to give athletes the edge and more support in London.

1) Football (Soccer): 

Football is the Most Popular Sport in the UK. This game follows the traditional league system and it consists of more than a hundred teams. However, the well-known premier league consists of most elite 20 teams which are chosen from all over the UK.

England’s football team at Wembley earlier this month.

Most famous teams of the premier league are the Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal. Football in the UK is backed by a governing body which is known as the Football Association. The origins of football are ancient and most likely come from China around the third century. Association football, however, has its roots in England, where it remains incredibly commonplace. It is also the most popular sport in the world.

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Other Sports:

You can find facilities for a lot of sports including shooting and archery, rock climbing, powerboat racing, boxing, and Polo.

So this was the list of top 10 most popular sports in the UK. Feel free to share your opinion in the comments down below and tell us what sport do you like?


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