Los Angeles Lakers: 3 reasons Why LA will win the 2020 NBA championship

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Team LeBron Rallies Past Team Giannis At NBA All-Star Game.

On Exploring three reasons why the Los Angeles Lakers will win the 2020 NBA championship.

The Los Angeles Lakers may not have landed Kawhi Leonard in free agency, but they should still feel good about their championship chances in 2019-20 after acquiring Anthony Davis and signing Danny Green.

While the injury to DeMarcus Cousins is unfortunate and certainly weakens Los Angeles, the Lakers have arguably the best dynamic duo in the NBA. And due to an injury to Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson, depending on who you ask, the Lakers should be the favorites to come out of the Western Conference heading into the season.

NBA Los Angeles Lakers Anthony Davis (Photo: Getty Images)

Let’s take a look at three reasons why the Los Angeles Lakers will win the 2020 NBA Championship.

Reason No. 1: LeBron’s freshest legs since 2005

For the first time since ringtones reigned supreme, Candy Shop by 50 Cent ruled the airwaves and a 27-year-old young quarterback named Tom Brady just won his third Superbowl in 2005, LeBron James missed the playoffs and didn’t play in late April this past season.

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Because of that, many are beginning to question whether LeBron can still do it at age 34, heading into his 17th season. Could they be right?

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Carmelo Anthony: LeBron Wants To Team Up

This is LeBron James we’re talking about here and people are talking like he’s too old, yet he just averaged 27 points, seven rebounds and seven assists, which most of the greatest players of all time won’t average in their best year! LeBron missed a couple of months with an injury last year for the first time in his career, but this just gives him more rest.

After making eight straight NBA finals playing all the way until June since Kobe Bryant beat the Boston Celtics in seven games in 2010, we will be witnessing the LeBron James revenge tour this year as he finally is beginning to have doubters to prove wrong about his astounding, world-class, unwavering athleticism.

Kobe was a warrior who played through injury and never took time off even in the offseason whereas LeBron is still one of the hardest workers ever but has taken time off in the middle of the season to vacation even and always rests his body when needed.

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Although this mentality of LeBron’s isn’t perceived as well by competitive NBA players who often say Kobe was better for his mentality, it should lead to LeBron possibly being the most durable superstar of all time and no season will better exemplify that than his revenge tour after not playing in June for the first time since 2010.

Reason No. 2: Anthony Davis is truly special and just entering his prime

Anthony Davis is already one of the most talented basketball players to ever step foot on an NBA court and he is technically not even in his prime yet. Seriously, this dude is a monster who already has more 40 point games at the age of 26 than recently retired legends Dirk Nowitzki, Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan (7 championships, 44 all-star selections and 4 MVPs between them) had in their entire careers combined.

NBA New Orleans Pelicans Anthony Davis (Photo: Getty Images)

Speaking of Tim Duncan, he is the greatest power forward (Anthony Davis’s position) of all time with epic post moves, shot-making ability, rebounding prowess and mastery of the sport’s fundamentals

Anthony Davis, at 6-foot-11, is the size of a large center, with the ball-handling skills of a guard. Davis learned the skills of guards when he was younger, but then was forced to learn the play style of Shaquille O’Neal and Tim Duncan due to his insane growth spurt. What this means is that we have a player with arguably the highest ceiling of all time.

Many have been waiting for Anthony Davis to officially become the best player in the league and with the help of LeBron James, the guy who many still call the best player in the league.

Reason No. 3: The Lakers built a deep championship roster

With LeBron James and Anthony Davis forming arguably the deadliest pick-and-roll combination of all-time, many have championship hopes for the Lakers based off this top 5 superstar combination alone.

If you thought LeBron and Dwyane Wade, one of the top 20 players ever and a three-time champion, were great together, LeBron James and Anthony Davis are a match made in basketball heaven as Davis could end up being a 6-foot-11 D-Wade.

Over the Summer, the Lakers managed to build one of the most surprisingly deep rosters in the NBA with players they already had, their epic trade for Anthony Davis and late offseason additions.

NBA Toronto Raptors Danny Green (Photo: Getty Images)

The Lakers even picked up Avery Bradley, one of the best defenders of the past decade who also hit an epic game-winning 3-pointer against the Cavaliers in the 2017 Eastern Conference Finals. The Lakers also re-signed two-time champion JaVale McGee who used to be a laughing stock but played a surprisingly large role in the Warriors championship runs along with Rajon Rondo, a 2008 champion with the Celtics and one of the best passers ever.

Although DeMarcus Cousins tearing his ACL less than two years after he ruptured his Achilles and tore his quadricep is absolutely heartbreaking, there is a silver lining for LA.

Kyle Kuzma is about to become an absolute star and this process will be expedited by Cousins’ injury as Kuzma is given a true chance to be the Lakers third star running mate with LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

BONUS REASON NO. 4: The Lakers have won a championship to start the three of the last four decades

Ok, so this reason is more for fun but if you think about it it’s actually pretty cool. The Lakers are the most legendary franchise of all-time, winning 16 titles with 31 NBA Finals appearances. They’ve just always been good, relevant or on the cusp of returning to glory.

The entire NBA is a blast and there will be a plethora of fun teams to watch this season, but the NBA is always at its best when the Lakers are at or near the top of the food chain. The Los Angeles Lakers are the most historic, storied franchise in NBA history

The history of sports as they are always on top at the beginning of a new decade from the 1950s to now and that is exactly what will happen this year as they bring home their third straight championship to start off a decade and their fourth championship to start off the past five decades.

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