Which League is More Popular in the World: India’s IPL vs Pakistan’s PSL

Which League is More Popular in the World: India's IPL vs Pakistan's PSL

As you know IPL is run by BCCI like that, BBL and PSL is run by Cricket Australia and Pakistan cricket board respectively.

The world’s most popular T20 cricket league, IPL introduced in 2008 by the BCCI which became instant success and fans help this cash-rich league to become most watched cricket event. Indian Premier League has all elements that require for entertainment like big cricketers, glamour and millions of dollars.

Indian Premier League Vs Pakistan Super League.

Pakistan Super League (PSL) has started, while there are still days left for the start of the Indian Premier League (IPL). Both leagues are the largest T20 league in India and Pakistan. New talent comes out of both cricket leagues and they get an international recognition. Both leagues are not less than any major festival for their respective country. Today, the two T20 leagues will compare each other and will know which league is better.

IPL has completed its 10th year and is one of the most successful cricket leagues in the world, while PSL has not been launched much earlier. So it may take time to gain popularity.

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In the Indian Premier League where players play freely, at the Pakistan Super League, the players feel a bit reluctant to play and participate due to safety reasons.

There are approximately 186 million viewers of IPL, while PSL has nearly 60 million viewers. One reason for this is that Pakistan’s population is also lower than India.

The prize money for both the IPL and the PSL also differs greatly. In the IPL, the winning team receives around $ 6 million in prize money for the winning team, while the amount in PSL is about US $ 1 million.

The number of teams in the IPL is much higher than PSL. In the IPL, where 8 teams play against this other, PSL is limited to just 6 teams.

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