T20 World Cup knockout stages: who’s likely to make it?

Australia pacer Brett Lee wishes to see an India-Australia final at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium on November 14.

The T20 World Cup is now well and truly underway, and some of the best teams in the cricketing world are already in competition for the top spot on the tournament’s leaderboard. From India and Pakistan to England and the West Indies, there’s a huge range of teams in with a chance of making it past the knockout stages and into the later rounds – which is where the action really begins to heat up.

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Those who like placing a wager on the outcomes of tournaments like these, meanwhile, will be watching closely to see if they can spot a prediction opportunity that matches up with player-friendly odds. 

And while there’s no crystal ball at this year’s T20 (or, indeed, at any tournament), there are plenty of chances for gamblers to win. This article will explore which teams are, at present, looking like they could be in with a chance of getting through the tough knockout stages and heading into the finals.


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Nothing can be certain, of course, but the fact that India is the favorite of many pundits to win this tournament implies that they’re more than likely to make it past the knockout stages. 

Virat Kohli will return to lead the Indian side in the upcoming Test series with England.
Virat Kohli will return to lead the Indian side in the upcoming Test series with England.

Plenty of pundits have suggested that India will snap up the top spot this year, not least because they have some of the world’s top cricketers – such as wicket-taker Jasprit Bumrah – on their side. Bumrah is one of the best quicks on Earth – and that’s coupled with the fact that the pitches in the UAE are not a million miles away from the ground on which the Indian side has learned their craft. 

But it’s still all to play for – and, as anyone who monitors the cricket world knows, early momentum like this can be a hazard for a team. 


While the consensus among the pundits appears to be pushing India into the top spot, there’s also a counter-current of views that suggests that Pakistan might be the team to manage it. There is, at least, something of a consensus that Pakistan will make it past the knockout stages, thanks in part to the quality of some of their players – including Babar Azam, who is placed in the rankings as one of the world’s best run-scorers. 

Pakistan beat Bangladesh by 4 wickets in the first BANvPAK T20I

Whether Pakistan can take the top spot, however, remains to be seen. Overall, it’s not unlikely that they’ll snap up a spot in the quarter-finals or semifinals – but whether they can surpass the likes of India to victory remains to be seen. 

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West Indies

At the start of the tournament, some pundits and fans wrote off the West Indies as unlikely to proceed right to the end. But the twists and turns of international cricket had their way, and the recent victory of the side against Bangladesh – by three runs – suggests that they are well and truly back in the game. 

There are several ways in which the West Indies can make T20 2021 into an event that goes beyond the knockout stages and even as far as the semifinals. One such way is for England to beat Australia plus one of their other two outstanding games. Another is for Bangladesh to triumph over Australia. While these outcomes are certainly not in the bag, the West Indies side has plenty of reasons to be positive.


Finally, it’s also worth looking briefly at the English cricket team and how they might fare in this tournament. On the downside, the English side is without two of their star players – Jofra Archer and Ben Stokes. But as gamblers will be aware, the odds are still running in their favor – and they’re widely considered to still be one of the favorites.

Nottinghamshire bowler Stuart Broad has become the first Englishman to reach the top of the international bowling rankings for 12 years.

Overall, it’s clear that the outcome of this important tournament is not yet certain. After all: there’s still a long way to go, and the global cricket world – and those who bet on its outcomes – certainly can’t rush the process. But with teams like India, Pakistan, the West Indies, and more all vying for the top spot (and holding a likely chance of getting there), it’s all to play for as the action kicks off. 

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