Top 8 Longest Sixes in the History of International Cricket

Top 5 players with most sixes in T20 internationals.

There’s no better sight in cricket than watching a well-timed six! Cherry to the cake is the longest sixes like these.

Cricket is one of the most loved and followed sports in the World. Most of us love to enjoy cricket matches and stay curious about the wickets, sixes, and everything. Shahid Afridi holds the record for the longest six in International cricket lasting as long as 158 meters against South Africa, 3rd ODI at Johannesburg on March 17, 2013. There’s nothing quite as spectacular as watching someone hit a six in cricket.

Instead of awarding the number one spot to the longest six, we decided to go for a six that holds an iconic place in history. Here we are going to discuss the top 8 Longest Sixes in The History of International Cricket

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1) Shahid Afridi:

It is not surprising to see Shadid Afridi on this list again. After all, many people remark him as the King of Sixes, boasting the highest Strike Rate and the most number of sixes in ODI Cricket.

Afridi also holds many records such as the fastest century in ODI, most sixes in International Cricket.

Afridi once held the record for the fastest ODI century in 37 deliveries. On January 30th, 2005 he hit the ball into the stands of Perth during Pakistan’s pursuit of Australia. It was impressive, to say the least.

2) Yuvraj Singh:

Yuvraj was one of the architects behind India’s victorious T20 and 50 overs World Cup campaigns in 2007 and 2011 respectively. Many cricket fans admire Singh’s stylish play, and they certainly admired the six he hit on 22nd September 2007 during the World Twenty20 against Australia.

Yuvraj Singh became the sixth highest six-hitter in Twenty20 Internationals.(Image Credit: ICC)

He had an incredible game, scoring 70 off a mere 30 balls. Nonetheless, the highlight of his match was undoubtedly the 120m six he hit off Brett Lee.

3) MS Dhoni: 

MS Dhoni’s longest six in IPL 2017 lands on the roof.

Next, we have another one of the most impressive sixes hit by MS Dhoni. This occurred on March 8th in 2009 during India’s tour to New Zealand. The match was the third ODI for India and when the Indian skipper hit the breath-taking six, he didn’t even look at the ball once it left his bat.

4) Corey Anderson: 

Corey Anderson hitting huge 122m SIX  against India.

Corey James Anderson is an all-rounder who hails from New Zealand but currently plays for the Mumbai Indians in the IPL. Last year, Corey Anderson introduced himself on the International scale on January 19th. He hit a ball on the roof of Napier for New Zealand against India. He powered New Zealand to 292 with four sixes, two of which were out the ground.

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5) Chris Gayle: 

Chris Gayle is a Jamaican cricketer who captained the West Indies’ Test side from 2007 until 2010. He once held the record for the highest score in a World Cup, with 215 runs. Chris hit the biggest six of the entire World Twenty20 tournament in 2010 at Bridgetown.

Chris Gayle Creates History, First Man to Hit 500 Sixes in T20.(Image Credit: ESPN)

On May 9th, Gayle hit a stunner on the bowling of Yusuf Pathan.  His performance was undoubtedly the stand out of the entire game, as he tore the Indian bowlers apart.

6) Mark Waugh:

It is only right that we include Mark Waugh on this list – an elegant and stylish hitter. Mark Waugh, now retired, was an Australian cricketer who is widely regarded as one of the most gifted stroke masters ever to play the game.

Mark Waugh BIGGEST SIX OF ALL TIME! 1997 at Perth vs New Zealand.(Australia Cricket)

He took cricket fans’ breath away when he hit a six against Daniel Vettori on November 21st, 1997 during the 2nd Test match of New Zealand’s tour to Australia.

7) Albert Trott:

Albert Trott, who was a Test cricketer for both England and Australia. Instead of awarding the number one spot to the longest six, we decided to go for a six that holds an iconic place in history. This was when Albert cleared the Lord’s Pavilion.

Albert Trott took 26 wickets at 15.00 and scored 228 runs at 38 in 5 Tests.

In 1899, Trott completely cleared the iconic building, and he is believed to be the only batsman to have ever done so.

8) Ijaz Ahmed: 

Ijaz Ahmed is now a retired Pakistani cricketer who played with a right-handed batting style. A lot of people deem him one of the most underrated cricketers, as he’s never talked about as much as other names in the game.

Ijaz Ahmed is One of the cleanest strikers in the cricket world.

However, he certainly deserves his place on this list. You will have to cast your mind back several years to think of this one. In 1999, Pakistan was playing India in a tense chase at Mohali. Only two sixes were hit in the entire match, and both of them were by Ahmed.

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