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Ryan Garcia
Ryan Garcia beats Francisco Fonseca in 80 seconds

For those that have been following boxing for a while, ESPN’s 2017 prospect Ryan Garcia may not be a new name to you. But for those that are new to the sport, this star is one that has seen a vast amount of coverage in recent months. In this article, we will be giving you a look into the career of Ryan Garcia thus far and what the future holds for this outstanding young boxer.

The Rising Star:

Under the alias of Kingry, this 21-year-old boxing star has taken boxing by storm this southern California prospect singed with Golden boy promotions with the aim of kicking off his career in the pros and he did not disappoint.

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Ryan Garcia destroys Logan Paul’s body with powerful shots.

With a record of 215 – 15as an amateur, he was taking this to a whole new level in the pros. With 5 knockouts in his first six fights, this fighter is one to look to for. At the age of just 21, this superstar has amassed a huge following on social media and kick-started his career in the best way possible with 20 wins and no losses.

The Highlight Of His Career:

Though he had the best possible start to a professional career, many were wondering he was more than just a pretty face. However, this was soon put to rest with a first-round knockout against Romero Duno on November 2nd, 2019. If this was not enough to already up the odds in Garcia favor ahead of his upcoming matches, the infamous fight between him and Francisco Fonseca was enough to put the skeptics to rest.

With a knockout blow in just 1 minute and 22 seconds into the first round, this earned the up and comer his second consecutive knockout leaving him to become one of the best prospects in Boxing in recent history. With a stance that cannot be faulted and a powerful punch that has seen him be undefeated at this time, this star could be destined for great things.

Social Media Superstar:

With a total of 5.1 million followers on Instagram and another 328.2k following him on twitter, this fresh-faced hopeful is popular with his own generation as well as fans of the sport. This is only set to continue as his career expands allowing him to build his following and stand out from the crowd.

The young boxing star has also featured on Logan Pauls Impulsive podcast speaking about anxiety and other pressing issues, that have also made the star feel more approachable to so many.  Fresh off of his undefeated start to 2020, this could be a huge year for the superstar. Whether you are a fan of boxing or you are just getting into the sport, this is young up and comer has the potential to become a lightweight world champion in the near future.

The WBC Silver Lightweight Champion:

Though he has held the title of Sliver lightweight champion since 2019, he has his eyes on something much bigger. With a number of matches set to be announced in due course, Garcia has his eyes on becoming a world lightweight champion. With his recent performances and undefeated streak, there are many of us that are ready and waiting to see what else this prospect can deliver. Will his streak continue? Will he get a shot at the championship title? Only time will tell as the matchups begin to roll in.

The Future Of His Career In Boxing:

Seen by many as the leader of the youth movement in boxing, Garcia is an inspiration for so many young people within the sport, but could the future of the boxing stars career be a problematic one. It is no secret that this rising star and his promotion team have been at odds in the past, but this, for now, has seemed to calm down. But will
this stay this way in the near future?

Many die-hard boxing fans see Garcia as arrogant for demanding so much of his promotion company. However, with the social media following that he has and his ability to sell tickets, this is one 21-year-old that can afford to be picky when it comes to matchups. This polarising star and his undefeated run are keen interest to fans, making him highly popular with the nation’s media.

With articles in GQ, Forbes and other of the US leading publications, Ryan Garcia is soon to become a household name. If you don’t know him, your younger children are likely to know him as he continues to grow a substantial following online. In addition to this, his Youtube following is growing and he has now amassed a following of 66.5K followers with only 6 videos uploaded.

Whether you are a fan of lightweight boxing or you are just a fan of the main events, Garcia is definitely one to look out for as he climbs up the ranks and gets more titles to his name.

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