Live football score, Indian super legaue 2016: FC Goa 0-2 Delhi dynamos match reviews;

Today on diwali ocassion, FC GOA clash with DELHI DYNAMOS at the fatorda staduim. FC Goa will be desperately looking for their first win at home when they meet an equally struggling Delhi Dynamos FC in the seventh round of the Hero Indian Super League.

Both teams does not have a good start in the ISL2016. but DELHI DYNAMOS are still in the race of points table as compared to FC GOA. The last year’s runners FC GOA  have been struggling this season, having collect just four points from six matches they have played. They are the only team to have conceded the most number of goals and are lying at the bottom of the table.

Delhi Dynamos although had started their campaign this season with a win, they have lost the plot thereafter failing to collect full points from last five matches and are placed sixth with seven points from six games. Coach Gianluca Zambrotta will be hoping that his team post their second win as today.

Team squads of FC GOA vs DELHI DYNAMOS.
Team squads of FC GOA vs DELHI DYNAMOS.

“I am not frustrated with our situation. It’s important for us to maintain a good attitude and remain positive. If we continue in the same manner, we will have good results,” said Zambrotta.

In the first 15min of game, FC Goa had a glance at goal when Julio Cesar made a run into the box down the left. He was able to beat the defender and take a shot. The goalkeeper couldn’t reach the ball but the shot went wide off the post.The score is (0-0).

Delhi had a fantastic chacne to go in front. A Misplaced pass from a Goa centre back gifted the ball straight to Delhi Dynamos. A perfect through ball found Richard Gadze who put the shot wide. It was a gift that Delhi could not take advantage of that way.

HALF TIME FC Goa 0-0 Delhi Dynamos

Delhi Dynamos have had more possession in the first half. but both teams pretty much had an even share of chances. Delhi had the best chance of the match so far when the ball was gifted to them but Gadze was unable to make the finishing touch. Romeo Fernandes unleashed a shot from outside the box just before half time that forced Delhi goalkeeper Doblas to make a sensational diving save. It is a wonder how it has stayed goalless.

GOAL! FC Goa 0-1 Delhi Dynamos (71′ Marcelinho)

Marcelinho (Delhi Dynamos) left footed shot from the left side of the box to the top right corner. Assisted by Toni Doblas. He then whipped the shot in from a tight angle and the ball found the back of the net in 72min of the game.
MARCELINHO in action affter scoring a goal.
MARCELINHO in action affter scoring a goal.

GOAL! FC Goa 0-2 Delhi Dynamos (76′ Gadze)

DELHI DYNAMOS come in a great attack in the 2nd half. Marcelinho turned provided the goal this time. He was running down the right this time and the goalkeeper expected him to shoot. Instead, he passed it to Gadze who was free in the middle who guided it into the net. Two goals in five minutes and Delhi seem to have laid the game to rest.

At the end of the game,FC Goa had a good chance to come back ito the game when a free kick was cleared off poorly by Delhi Dynamos. In the end, the defending side were able to dealk with the ball.


 FC GOA                       (0-2)                              DELHI DYNAMOS

 42%                         Ball possession                           58%

 8                                          shots                                   10

 14                                       fouls                                      11

 7                                          corners                                5

The final whistle is blown by the refree. both teams play well in the field,By winning this match delhi secured their place at the 3rd position with +10 points in the table whereas FC GOA with +4 points in the table.






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