Battle for Golden Boot in the Premier League: Who has the Best Chances of Winning it?

Premier League
Who will win the Premier League golden boot as Mo salah, Vardy and Aguero do battle?

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Mohamed Salah, and Sadio Mane could not be split after all registering 22 goals.

With the Premier League reaching a hiatus due to external factors surrounding the tournament in a coronary fashion, speculations are a thing of the hour. There is an apparent rise in traffic in online sportsbooks and fantasy leagues, and rightfully so—having left the tournament hanging by its loose ends due to the ongoing pandemic, the only sense of joy that ardent football fans can get is through the eyes of a bookmaker.

In this regard, while there is no doubt as to who crowned champions will be—Liverpool is ahead in the points table—there is certainly an air of doubt regarding who might be awarded the Golden Boot. In a tournament so competitive by default, having to choose or pick the one who might get the golden boot can be an enthralling affair.

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Here are a few contenders for the Golden Boot—if you are planning on stepping into the world of online betting, you are best left with the players mentioned below.

1) Jamie Vardy

The underdog, the workhorse, the most obvious choice of them all—Jamie Vardy. Possibly one of the most underrated strikers in the tournament for the past half a decade, Vardy is our top pick when it comes to being awarded the golden boot.

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Jamie Vardy: Is Leicester City player the best striker in Europe.

Having scored 19 goals this season, Vardy always manages to cling to the top position in the goals table. With almost 60% shooting accuracy, Vardy might not be your go-to man if you are looking for precise, calculative shots from fair ranges—you are best left with someone like an Agüero for that.

However, if you are looking for an agile poacher who is bound to capitalize at any given moment through fractures in the opposition defense—look no further than Vardy.

2) Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

If you stumble upon online betting websites and review Indian betting sites at, you will realize how the odds are stacked up in favor of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to get to the finishing line of the Golden Boot first, possibly before Vardy.

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Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang Says He’s ‘Really Happy’ at Arsenal.

The fastest forward in the English League is expected to live up to his expectations and find a rapid finish to the race once the tournament continues. With his unique acrobatic offenses, agility and swiftness, and of course, a tendency to play as high as he possibly can, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang might just steam ahead of Vardy like he has a few times in the tournament. Expect the acrobatic finisher from Gabon to make the most of the terminating bits of the league.

3) Sergio Agüero

Shortly behind but not far is Sergio Agüero. With an impeccable reputation of last-moment clutches to the golden boot race, Agüero is most definitely the deadliest striker City has managed to produce in more than half a decade.

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Sergio Aguero nets 400th career goal as Man City.

With over 400 career goals, Agüero is bound to add more to the list—being just 3 goals behind the tabletop should ideally keep all strikers on their toes (pun intended), for it would take only a match or two for Agüero to turn the pitch (puns galore) in his favor. Once the tournaments commence, expect him to be back and guns blazing to the top of the chain yet again—achieving League status of 2015.

4) Mohammed Salah

Let’s face it—the Premier League is important for Salah as much as he is important for the League. With a tournament, this competitive, Mohammed Salah only adds to why the tournament is ever-so watchable. With 16 goals this season, it is evident that Salah hasn’t had the best of runs, and albeit he might not make it to the top as a winger this season, you cannot rule him out of the race either.

Salah has scored 43 goals in total over his Liverpool career.

Some punters have wrongly tagged him as a two-season player, but he keeps proving them wrong time and time again. Once the tournament commences, do not be surprised if he manages to make it to the top.

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Conclusion—Special Mentions

The following players are ideally not supposed to end up at the top of the goal-scoring line but are an integral part of the concept of the Golden Boot—creating goals is as important as scoring them, if not more. Raheem Sterling, Tammy Abraham, Sadio Mané, and of course, the underrated Danny Ings—all are collectively our special mentions.

Even though the aforementioned players might or might not have scored as many goals as Vardy or Aubameyang, they have shown great potential when it comes to making the tournament a more watchable experience. Expect them to make it big in the seasons to come.

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