New Zealand’s passion for rugby is extreme – All Blacks Fans

New Zealand Rugby Team performing the Haka.
New Zealand Rugby Team performing the Haka.

The New Zealand national rugby union team, commonly known as the All Blacks.

Despite only having a population of around 5 million, New Zealand teams are often among the best in the world.

“The All Blacks are the underdogs; they are supposed to win, which puts a lot of pressure on them, but the reality is that they perform admirably amazing in live games.” And I believe that rephrasing things as “we’re the underdogs coming in” is definitely a better way of dealing with anxiousness over the outcome.” “More people go to rugby games than go to church,” Jackson said of New Zealand. “The passion for the game is enormous.”

“Rugby is more of a religion than a sport.” Saturday is prayer day, and the temples are the hundreds of rugby fields around the country, which are packed with families expressing their passion from the early hours. This passion, I feel, is what distinguishes New Zealand rugby from the rest.”

“Ultimately, I believe that each top-level player, or any young player who begins playing, aspires of one day playing for the All Blacks. In New Zealand, the love for rugby, the sport, goes hand in hand with the love for the All Blacks, the national team.

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“NZ rugby, in my opinion, does a terrific job of channelling all that energy. The All Blacks are just the top of the iceberg; behind them lies a well-organized pyramidal structure with a massive base of children who begin playing rugby around the time they learn to walk. The best continue to improve and climb the ladder from there, until the absolute best crop reaches the top.

New Zealand Rugby [NZR] has provided an update on which cities will play host to the All Blacks for their home fixtures this year.

2022 Bledisloe Cup fixtures:

2022 Bledisloe Cup matches

Fixture Venue Date Time Broadcast
First Test Marvel Stadium, Melbourne Thur September 15 TBC Nine, Stan Sport
Second Test Eden Park Sat September 24 TBC Nine, Stan Sport


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