What would happen if Cristiano Ronaldo leaves Real Madrid?

What would happen if Cristiano Ronaldo leaves Real Madrid?

The gradual changes that we may see in FIFA 18 should Ronaldo move to another club.

There are strong rumours floating around the market about Cristiano Ronaldo potentially leaving Real Madrid. If that happens, not only would it send shockwaves across the globe but there could be strong repercussions in FIFA 18 as well.

Speculation is rife about the Portuguese superstar leaving the Bernabeu this summer. If that does happen, EA Sports would probably have to make some major last-ditch changes in FIFA 18.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the face of FIFA 18.

The transfer in itself would be very surprising considering that Real Madrid just successfully defended their Champions League title and won the La Liga title in May. Ronaldo made telling contributions in both campaigns, scoring a brace in the Champions League final, and looks well settled in the Spanish capital.

EA will be hoping that the Real Madrid superstar does not move as a lot of FIFA 18 revolves around Ronaldo. The 4-time Ballon d’Or winner was pictured in a Real Madrid shirt on the cover of FIFA 18, which means that any transfer would possibly result in a new cover having to be designed. The game does not release until September 29, which is well past the summer transfer window deadline day.

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The biggest impact of a Ronaldo transfer could potentially be on ‘The Journey 2’. From the trailers, we know that Ronaldo features in The Journey this time around and there are strong rumours that Alex Hunter might become a Galactico in FIFA 18.

That could mean that Hunter’s storyline in FIFA 18 involves Ronaldo as a teammate. Should the Portuguese leave Real Madrid, it could jeopardise the entire ‘The Journey 2’ experience.

EA Sports may be forced to pull that storyline altogether. Alternatively, if they keep things as they are, they risk providing an unauthentic experience to the fans.

The transfer window officially opens on July 1 and it will be very interesting to see if Ronaldo actually moves and how that move affects FIFA 18.

Ronaldo’s potential transfer would be nothing short of sensational and it could also break the world record transfer fee. Having once been the most expensive player in the world, he could again reclaim that title. The move looks unlikely, but EA would be keeping their fingers crossed as a transfer would mean a whole lot of hassle for them just months before the game is set to release.

Ronaldo then guided Portugal to the Euro 2016 triumph where Seleccao beat France in the final to lift win their first ever major international honour. Not only that, he then beat arch-rival Lionel Messi to win his 4th Ballon d’Or, while he was also crowned FIFA’s Best Player of 2016.

I’m very happy – an amazing season, we’ve won trophies. This is one of the best moments of my career – I have the chance to say this every year!”said Ronaldo.


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