Top 10 Most Successful Cricket Captains of all time

Top 10 Most Successful Cricket Captains of all time

 MS Dhoni is known as one of the top most successful cricket captains in the world.

Captains play the main role while leading their whole team. It’s important for them to be courageous and active in order to motivate their teammates. We have seen many such great captains in cricket who are always so positive to their decisions and successful. Here we have make a list of 10 Most Successful Cricket Captains of all time.

10) Misbah Ul Haq – Pakistan:

One of the most successful cricket captains. Yes! He is the man who led Pakistan Cricket Team out of the hardest time when the team was almost crushed. He worked out with his positive plans and became a really great captain of the team. He also was a key performer for Pakistan.

Captain Misbah-ul-Haq holds the ICC Test Championship mace in Lahore.

To be honest, Misbah Ul Haq took the team on the top again after the match-fixing scandal of Salman Butt that threw the whole Pakistan Cricket Team back. Misbah took the responsibility and led the team quiet wonderfully! Misbah Ul Haq holds the 10th spot in the list of most successful cricket captains of all-time.

Captaincy Records Of Misbah Ul Haq In ODI Matches
 2008-15 87 45 392153.48

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9) Stephen Fleming – New Zealand:

Stephen Fleming is a former New Zealand cricket captain who led the team towards numerous victories. Truly an active mind and courageous to fight any trouble. He led the side to 28 victories and have won number of series against different cricket teams.

New Zealand’s Stephen Fleming batting against the West Indies on the third day of the first.

He served the side for a very long period and have won numerous matches. Stephen Fleming holds the 9th position in the list of most successful cricket captains of all time.

Captaincy Records Of Stephen Fleming In ODI Matches
 1997-2007 21898 106 1 13 48.04

8) Imran Khan – Pakistan:

Imran Khan was one of the most successful cricket captains of Pakistan who also led the team to the victory of World Cup in 1992. He wasn’t just a good captain but also he was a great performer himself.

Imran Khan led Pakistan to the world cricket championship in 1992.

Imran Khan captained in 139 ODI matches from which Pakistan won 75 and and lost 59. Winning ratio was surely quiet handy for the team under his captaincy. He became inspirational since then. Imran Khan holds the 8th spot in the list of most successful cricket captains of all time.

Captaincy Records Of Imran Khan In ODI Matches
 1982-92 13975 591455.92

7) Arjuna Ranatunga – Sri Lanka:

Most successful Sri Lankan cricket captain of his era. In 11 years since 1988 to 1999, Arjuna Ranatunga captained Sri Lankan cricket team and at that time Sri Lanka was known as the most weakest team.

Arjuna Ranatunga and Asanka Gurusinha celebrate after winning the World Cup.(Image Credit: Espn)

His hard work brought the team to the front and made it the strongest one in the world. That was all about his successful strategies. He was appreciated by many Cricket Legends of that time and till now, he is unforgettable. Arjuna Ranatunga holds the 7th spot in the list of most successful cricket captains of all time.

Captaincy Records Of Arjuna Ranatunga In ODI Matches
 1988-99 193 89 95 1 8 48.37

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6) Hansie Cronje – South Africa:

Hansie Cronje Proved himself in the domestic and made a great debut in the International cricket in World Cup 1992. Soon he became the youngest vice-captain of the South African cricket team. He had great abilities and his contribution to the team was wonderful to take the team to the top.

Sir Hansie Cronje receiving Trophy from Nelson Mandela.

At that time, the team established well but the accusation of Hansie Cronje in a match-fixing scandal putted the whole team in a difficult situation. That scandal is still known as the most biggest match-fixing scandal in the world. Still Hansie Cronje is known for his greatest captaincy and that’s why he holds the 6th spot in the list of most successful cricket captains of all time.

Captaincy Records Of Hansie Cronje In ODI Matches
 1994-2000 138 99 35 1 3 73.70

5) Clive Lloyd – West Indies:

Clive Lloyd captained West Indies cricket team for 11 years (1974-1985). At that time, West Indies was purely a predominating team in the world of cricket and Clive Lloyd was a key player in the team.

Sir Clive Lloyd has given indelible and selfless service to West Indies and world cricket.(Image Credit: Getty)

West Indies one of the most feared cricket teams in the world at that time. West Indies maintained that reputation for more than 20 years, Clive Lloyd still holds the 5th position in the list of most successful cricket captains in history.

Captaincy Records Of Clive Lloyd In ODI Matches
 1975-85 84 64 18 1 1 77.71

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4) Steve Waugh – Australia:

Now maybe you must be wondering that why Steve Waugh takes the 4th position spot in the list. Well, he is kind of a person who never takes pressure in a difficult situation of the game. He always stayed calm and active to keep it all going. In 1999, he led the Australian cricket team to the victory of World Cup trophy.

Former Australian cricket captain Steve Waugh.(Source: Facebook)

Steve Waugh wasn’t just a amazing captain with calm decisions, but also he was a great player and his contribution to the succession of the team was praiseworthy at that time. He is also one of those 11 players who reached the milestone of 10,000 runs in Test format. Overall, he is been an classy cricketer in the world.

Captaincy Records Of Steve Waugh In ODI Matches
 1997-2002 106 67 35 3 1 65.23

3) Graeme Smith – South Africa:

The former South African cricket team captain who contributed his long term services in the team. Graeme Smith wasn’t just a fabulous captain but also he was a greatest player in the team. Quiet known for his finest opening knocks with Hershel Gibbs.

Graeme Smith has made 37 international centuries for South Africa.

Graeme Smith proved himself with his tremendous records and kept the winning ratio of the team on top. He holds the third spot in the list of most successful cricket captains of all time.

Captaincy Records Of Graeme Smith In ODI Matches
 2003-11 149 92 51 1 5 64.23

2) Ricky Ponting – Australia:

We’re talking about one of the greatest cricket captains who’ll be remembered forever. Yep! Ricky Ponting is one of the finest cricketers we’ve seen and that’s because of his tremendous performances and greatest captaincy. Under his captaincy, he led the team to 48 victories in 77 matches.

Australian cricket captain Ricky Ponting poses with his ICC gongs.

In 230 matches under Ponting’s captaincy, Australia won 165 and lost just 51. That all makes sense and explains everything about his captaincy records and the way he became successful. Ricky Ponting is the 2nd most successful cricket captain in the list of most successful cricket captains of all time.

Captaincy Records Of Ricky Ponting In ODI Matches
 2002-12 229 164 51 2 12 76.03

1) MS Dhoni – India:

One of the greatest wicket-keeper batsmen of all time MS Dhoni is the current cricket captain of Indian cricket team. The decisions he make and the motivation he gives to the team is the reason that took Indian cricket team on top. MS Dhoni have also led his team to triumph the trophy of World Cup in 2011.

The 36-year-old Mahendra Singh Dhoni is now the 13th cricketer in the history of international cricket to complete a ton of 50’s.

His contribution to the team is praiseworthy. Under Dhoni’s captaincy, India have won 104 ODI matches out of 191 and that means he is maintaining the winning ratio of his team. MS Dhoni holds the 1st spot in the list of most successful cricket captains of all time. MS Dhoni is known as one of the top most successful cricket captains in the world. Cheers!#India

Captaincy Records Of MS Dhoni In ODI Matches
 2007-Present 191 104 72 4 11 78.88

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Here it ends! So, who is been your favorite cricket captain of all time? Share your thoughts in the comment box!



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