Novak Djokovic: “Rafael Nadal Is Mentally Stronger Than Roger Federer”

Novak Djokovic on Rafael Nadal
Mentally the toughest': Novak Djokovic on Rafael Nadal

We have seen Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray chatting on Instagram recently. They picked out the best player for every part of tennis during this chat. When it came to intellectual ability Rafael Nadal was the first name Novak said. Check out what he was thinking to him.

The Mental Strength Of Rafael Nadal:

In his talk with Andy Murray Novak Djokovic had plenty of complimentary stuff to say about Rafael Nadal. He said, “He said,”

“There is no one better than Rafa when it comes to mental strength. Through the years we’ve seen him so many times come back from injury. He ‘s probably had more injuries on the ATP tour than anyone. Every single one of them managed to come back.

Novak Djokovic with Rafael Nadal at the 2018 Wimbledon. (Source: Reuters)

Every tennis fan I think knows that’s how Rafa is. Novak definitely knows that, because he questioned him several times throughout his career and went on to talk about how you feel when you walk with him on the court. He said, “He said,”

“As you walk alongside him onto the court and you see him running, you realize that you face a gladiator. You know that you face a monster of attitude. He is stronger mentally than even Roger Federer.’

Amazing intellectual power goes hand in hand, with Rafael Nadal. Rafa’s intellectual ability is the reason he can still perform at the highest level on the ATP circuit. That’s why he’s already playing tennis and is considered one of the best stars of all time.

That is not enough for Rafa as any tennis fan knows. He needs to be called the tennis GOAT and to do so he must look to be equal to Roger Federer ‘s 20 grand slam record. Once the ATP tour returns form its suspension in July he will have that chance.

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