Like Teen Patti? Here are some tips that would help you take your game to the next level

Teen Patti is a popular Indian gambling card game just like poker.

Teen Patti is the most widely played and largest multiplayer Indian poker casino game in the world.

Teen Patti, popularly known as Flash or Flush is like the English card game 3 card brag and is played with a standard 52 card deck. Before players begin to play this betting game, they will first need to decide on the basic stakes of the game which will then form the minimum bet. You may be an expert, or you may be new to this game, either way, the following tips will help you level up in the game of Teen Patti.

Tip 1

Agree on the stakes you want to play with beforehand, this will make you sound like an expert. It will be sort of a hint that you drop onto the other players right at the beginning of the game, you know what you are doing. This strategy will naturally be dependent on how much risk you are willing to take and whether your bluffing skills will sell or not. Try to start out with low-value bets and then increase the value gradually and steadily as you get good cards and feel confident about it.

Tip 2

The game usually begins with two players posting the Boot or Ante, commonly known as the compulsory bet. We suggest that you study your opponent carefully and try to analyze their pattern of playing. The body language of most players reveals a lot about them and if you are observant enough, you can use it to your advantage.

World’s No.1 Teen Patti Game.
World’s No.1 Teen Patti Game.

Similarly, be careful with your own body language and expressions, try to be calm and neutral with minimum changes in your behavior no matter how good or bad your cards are. It is the same with Poker if you haven’t tried it out yet you should. An exciting game of poker can challenge your counting skills as well as test your control over the expression of your emotions.

Tip 3

Do not post a big bet the moment you get good cards, take your time to carefully play your turn. If you happen to place a big bet right at the beginning, a lot of the other payers with weak cards might fold and you will then lose out on a good amount of pot money. You can try out other betting games too, if you are a cricket fan then
cricket betting might be a really exciting option for you.

Tip 4

If you have to play bluff, do so with the weak cards but do not give away the fact that your cards are not so good. Try to confuse the other players so that they fold sooner or later. If you are too busy and cannot make time to sit down and play, you can download a teen Patti mobile game and play on the go. Check the customer reviews before you download a mobile game just to be safe.

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Now play Teen Patti around the world

Tip 5

If you are playing an online game of teen Patti, try to play blind for the first couple of rounds. You can make the opponent feel doubtful about his own cards as well as increase the pot amount. Restless players will probably fold as soon as they see their poor cards. You might also want to check out some guides if you are confused about a few rules and play teen Patti for real money online. Research a little bit on the online casino of your choice before you deposit the money.

Tip 6

You may not be so sure of your cards sometimes, use the sideshow option in these cases. You can ask for a sideshow from the preceding player and whoever has the better hand out of the two of you continues playing. The unique factor about playing this game is that it helps you decide whether your hand is worth continuing the game
or not.

Tip 7

It is okay if you lose a few rounds one after the other, don’t get disheartened by that. Be patient and try not to jump from one room to another, it will cost you more. Try to earn some bonus chips by playing other games instead. Take a break and then start with a fresh mind.

Stay calm and observant and you will have a wonderful gaming experience. We wish you good luck!

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