Famous sportspersons known for their gambling habits

Famous sportspersons known for their gambling habits
There's the ethical dilemma of pro athletes potentially gambling on sports.

Successful and famous sports persons usually have various endorsement deals, apart from their salaries, which collectively make them millions of dollars each year. Considering the kind of money they make, it’s not surprising that many of these athletes develop gambling habits over a period of time.

After all, how many things and services can you buy with money?! At some point, one realizes s/he has so much that even if s/he were to let go of a few million for some nice adrenaline rush, it would be a good trade-off for him/her. As a result, we even see them indulging in gambling sites not on Gamstop UK, even after they have self-excluded themselves.

Let’s talk about a few such athletes below:

Floyd Mayweather:

Well evident from his nickname – Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather – his mantra and focus have always been making more money. Hence, it didn’t come as a surprise when after having earned $ 900 million from 2010 to 2020, he was declared the highest-paid athlete of the decade by Forbes recently.

Floyd Mayweather Teases Rematch With Conor McGregor - Boxing News
Floyd Mayweather, Conor McGregor easily make weight for the big fight. (Credits: Getty)

Mayweather loves flaunting his money in the public, filling up his social media accounts with his latest acquisitions. The boxer takes the same approach when it comes to sports betting. One can often see him posting his winning bet slips on social media. This used to happen more frequently during the early years of the decade gone by.

Peter Rose

As against the large majority of athletes who were/are fond of gambling, Peter Rose fell into a completely different category. He got involved in the illegal and darker side of sports betting. Prior to getting entangled with the law, Peter Rose used to be counted amongst the greatest baseball players to have emerged from Major League Baseball (MLB).

Apart from three-time World Series and 17 times All-Star win, Peter also held records for the all-time hits and leader in the MLB games played. However, his legacy got tarnished forever in the year 1989 when Pete Ueberroth, the MLB Commissioner announced him being under investigation for some serious offenses.

Wayne Rooney:

The 16 years he was active in the English Premier League, Wayne Rooney scored a total of 208 goals for both Everton and Manchester United combined. Apart from that, he also helped Manchester United win 5 Premier League titles.

Talking about his international career, he played as a forward with the English national football team and scored 53
international goals throughout his career. Having recently signed as the captain for Championship club Derby County, Wayne Rooney’s football career is far from finished.

Everton striker Wayne Rooney
Everton striker Wayne Rooney (C) celebrates scoring his third goal to complete his hat-trick during the Premier League match against West Ham United at Goodison Park in Liverpool on Wednesday. (AFP)

However, the reason why he has found a mention in this write-up is because of his interview with Fox sports during the early part of this year. In this interview, the 34-year-old footballer spoke about how gambling sucked him in. Back in the days, Rooney had accumulated more than $ 1 million in gambling debt even before turning 20. In one incident from 2008, he lost more than $ 100,000 within a couple of hours, playing in a British casino.

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