WWE WrestleMania 33: Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg preview and winner predictions

Credit: WWE.com

A closer look at the Brock Lesnar-Goldberg match scheduled for WrestleMania 33.

Many fans enjoy wagering on WWE despite the fact that it features predetermined outcomes by nature of the business.

What’s particularly interesting is how betting lines are determined for each match and how they are often far from correct.

Let’s take a look at these WrestleMania 33 odds, courtesy of Bovada.lv, and breakdown where the best values exist if you choose to bet on WWE’s biggest show of the year this Sunday.

Credit: WWE.com

WWE Championship: Bray Wyatt [c] (+175) vs. Randy Orton (-260)

Not surprised to see Orton as a favorite here, but I can kick this thing off with a confident call as I feel quite certain Wyatt will retain the title and continue his dominant build. Why hand him the belt a month ago to take it off of him?

Universal Championship: Goldberg [c] (+900) vs. Brock Lesnar (-3000)

Yes, this is a foregone conclusion. I do not suggest wasting time with the awful odds of taking Lesnar, but a swerve is not completely impossible and +900 is tremendous value.

When Goldberg and Brock Lesnar crash into each other at WWE WrestleMania 33, the ghost of a match long past will follow them.

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Florida’s Camping World Stadium will host a reprise of a bout from 2004, one in which a New York crowd’s disdain thundered. That contest was seemingly the swansong for both Goldberg and Lesnar, as each man left WWE immediately afterward.

But in a scenario that would have been impossible to imagine at the time, both powerhouses are back on top of WWE, ready to redo that off-key song. The Beast Incarnate is set to challenge Goldberg for the Universal Championship on April 2.

Brock Lesnar was embarrassed at the hands of Goldberg when these two last faced off at Survivor Series. Goldberg had an upper hand over Lesnar at Royal Rumble as well and despite all these setbacks, Lesnar opens as a huge favourite for his match against WWE Universal champion.

Lesnar is currently a massive -5,000 favourite for the match according to Odds Shark. This means that a $5000 bet can win $100. Goldberg’s odds are +1200.

In the opening moments of Goldberg vs. Lesnar, the foes glared at each other from across the ring, two stalking predators awaiting the right moment to strike. They kept their distance, pacing between the ropes, even after referee Stone Cold Steve Austin urged the big bulls to fight.

Anticipation didn’t crackle in Madison Square Garden that night, though. Derision echoed throughout the arena instead.

The WrestleMania crowd heckled the powerhouses from bell to bell. They chanted, sang and booed, their restlessness flowing out of the stands.

Lesnar winning the WWE Universal Championship allows WWE to build the Raw brand around him after WrestleMania 33. The Beast would be able to draw heat from the fans as a part-time champion and this was evident from the last WWE Championship run that he had.

The WWE fans wanted a Champion that appeared regularly on the show and WWE made use of this emotion to bring up baby faces against Lesnar. A similar booking could be expected if Lesnar wins on Sunday night.

As for Goldberg, he could be taking another hiatus after the match and suffering a loss will not be a major problem for him as he already holds a huge win over Lesnar.

AJ Styles (-1000) vs. Shane McMahon (+550)

Perfect odds here. Stay away. Styles needed an opponent. That’s it.

Intercontinental Championship: Dean Ambrose [c] (+700) vs. Baron Corbin (-1400)

Definitely see Corbin taking the strap from Ambrose but not every title is going to change on this show, which means +700 offers some significant value.

Raw Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Ladder Match: Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson [c] (+200) vs. Enzo Amore & Big Cass (-250) vs. Sheamus & Cesaro (+900)

Stay away. I have Gallows and Anderson retaining, which offers little value, and Enzo & Cass winning offers none. Sheamus and Cesaro would be the swerve here, so if you believe in them, I guess you can do a lot worse than +900.

SmackDown Women’s Championship: Alexa Bliss [c] (9/1) vs. Carmella (11/10) vs. Naomi (11/10) vs. Becky Lynch (19/2) vs. Mickie James (10/1) vs. Natalya (15/1)

This match could really go any way, and since I have Naomi winning, my suggestion is to hold off. However, 9/1 for a reigning champion is outstanding as is Lynch at 19/2.

Cruiserweight Championship (Kickoff Show): Neville [c] (-400) vs. Austin Airies (+250)

Definitely Neville here. No reason to take it with those odds.

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal (Kickoff Show): Braun Strowman (-450), Big Show, Sami Zayn, Dolph Ziggler among 30 entrants (+275)

Is Strowman probably going to win? Yes, of course. But am I taking a field bet at +275 with some pretty damn good names in there when Strowman does not need to win to get over? You bet I am.

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