WWE Rumors: WWE doing away with big plans for Dana Brooke

Dana took a decisive loss in her match against Charlotte last week.(Source: WWE)

Dana Brooke may have to wait a while longer for a shot at the RAW Women’s Championship.

Dana Brooke may be the latest victim of backstage heat in the WWE. According to the latest reports from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE had big plans for Dana going into WrestleMania 33 that included a match with Charlotte Flair and a run in the main event scene for the RAW women’s Championship.

Dana took a decisive loss in her match against Charlotte last week.(Source: WWE)

However, those plans seem to have been put on the backburner as Dana was jobbed out to Charlotte just days before WrestleMania. She does not have a spot on the Wrestlemania card either.

Charlotte and Dana Brooke have worked together with the latter serving as the Queen’s protégé. It all came burning down a couple of weeks ago on RAW when Charlotte humiliated Dana after her loss to Sasha Banks, finally driving Brooke to her breaking point.

Dana took it upon herself to teach Charlotte a lesson and the two were booked in a singles contest for the next week in Brooklyn, which Charlotte Flair ended up winning, with a decisive big boot.

Brooke was given centre stage on RAW a couple of weeks ago when she took the Queen down after being humiliated. However, according to the WON, WWE axed plans to pit her against Charlotte at pay-per-views after seeing that Brooke could not get over with the audience as expected last week.  

Another issue may be that Dana botched a minor spot a few weeks ago on RAW in a match between Bayley and Charlotte where she failed to successfully trip Bayley from outside the ring.

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This may very well be the reason that Charlotte Flair went over Dana during their singles encounter last week on RAW. Charlotte will be going into WrestleMania looking to regain the RAW Women’s Championship, and this match was booked to make the Queen look stronger than ever heading into the grand event.

Making Charlotte look strong at the expense of Dana Brooke may be WWE’s way of reprimanding Dana. She could have been booked in a promising angle against Charlotte post-Wrestlemania. This would have given WWE the option to explore the possibility of Dana turning face.

But given the fact that Dana is not the most technically accomplished wrestler in the division, and the backstage heat piling up on her, the chances of booking her as a strong babyface are very slim.

With Wrestlemania just days away, it looks like Dana will have to sit out the event as far as matches on the card are concerned.

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