Top 5 Most Popular Sports Of Jammu and Kashmir in the year 2018

Top 5 Most Popular Sports Of Jammu and Kashmir in the year 2018

Cricket is the most Popular Sport In Jammu and Kashmir which is run by JKCA.

When we talk about sports in Jammu and Kashmir we mostly think of sports. The sports are just a part of the sporting culture of this state. Apart from different categories of adventure sports, Jammu and Kashmir also has a national cricket and a football team.

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2. Soccer
3. Hockey
4. Golf
5. Rugby

Besides, the state has the highest golf course in the world and the largest number of fishing beats in the country. The Great Tibetan Marathon that takes place every year at an altitude of 3500 meters also draws considerable interest from the sports facilities across the world. Let us first know about the sports council of this state who contributes itself to the development and promotion of sports in J&K.

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Jammu Kashmir has 18 stadiums and 23 training centers spread across the state. Moreover, the Council maintains 43 playing fields and three indoor sports complexes. 

Let’s check out, about the 5 most popular sports in J&K?

1) Cricket:

Just as in anywhere else in India, cricket is one of the favorite sports in Jammu in Kashmir. Jammu and Kashmir Cricket Association, a member of Board of Control of Cricket in India, fields teams in different domestic tournaments such as the Ranji Trophy Interstate Tournament and Duleep Trophy Tournament etc. Up to 2012-2013, the team has played 242 matches.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulates Jammu and Kashmir cricket team on historic Ranji win.(Image Credit: NDTV)

The J&K cricket team has two home venues, Sher-i-Kashmir Stadium in Srinagar and Maulana Azad Memorial Stadium in Jammu. Most cricket tournaments in Jammu and Kashmir were initially held in these stadiums.

However, the good news is that, the government now plans to restore the MAM Stadium and a budget of rupees one hundred crores has been fixed for it. There is also a proposal to build an international cricket stadium at Bajalta in Jammu.

2) Football:

Football is the 2nd most popular sports in Jammu and Kashmir. J&K Football Association, which is a member of All India Football Federation, is responsible for developing the sports in the state. It controls the football clubs in the state and organizes different state level tournaments.

JK under 17 football team-16.

At present there are around 500 football clubs in the state, which take part in different national and state level tournaments. The Jammu and Kashmir Football Team regularly takes part in the Sontosh Trophy Tournament.

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Bakshi Stadium in Srinagar is a popular venue for most football tournaments in Jammu and Kashmir. However, the ground is also used for holding other sporting activities.That is why an exclusive football ground with the capacity of 15000 spectators has been constructed in the city.

3) Hockey:

Hockey is 3rd most popular game in Jammu and Kashmir. J&K Hockey Team takes part in different all-India tournaments. Ice Hockey too is a popular sport in the state, especially in Ladakh region.

The players of Jammu and Kashmir and SSB fighting-it-out during a semifinal match of 61st All India Police Hockey Championship at KK Hakhu Astroturf Stadium.

To promote this game, Ice Hockey Association of Jammu and Kashmir organizes yearly tournaments in Leh. Enthusiasts from all over India often come here to experience this annual event.

4) Golf:

Golf is the fourth most popular sport in J&K. Among them, Kashmir Golf Club and Royal Spring Golf Course are located in Srinagar. Besides, there are the Gulmarg Golf ClubPahalgam Golf Club and Sanasar Golf Club.

Chief Minister at the newly relayed Gulmarg Golf Course in Gulmarg, Kashmir.(Source: Kashmir Sports)

Incidentally, thirteen-hole golf course in Gulmarg is highest in the world. All these clubs offers golfing equipments at a reasonable rate. One can also avail temporary membership at these clubs.

5) Rugby:

Rugby is another popular sport in Jammu Kashmir. Indeed, the state has a number of exceptionally brilliant rugby players. Tournaments are held both at state and district levels to provide further boost to this sport. Kabbadi and kho-kho too are played with enthusiasm in Jammu and Kashmir.

JK Rugby association to play National juniors’ Rugby 7’s championship in Mumbai.

Tournaments in these fields are not only organized at district and state level, but teams are also sent to compete in the national level competitons. Besides, regular tournaments in table tennis, basketball, baseball etc. are held both at district and state level in Jammu Kashmir.

Kabaddi and Boxing are other two honorable mentions for the list of top 10 most popular sports in India. Feel free to tell us about your favorite sport in the comments down below.

Which one is your favorite game? Let us know! Give us a feedback!

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