Live Football Score,Indian Super League (ISL) 2016: Mumbai City FC 0-1 FC Goa match reviews

Teams squads.

Today the match between MUMBAI FC CITY and FC GOA is going to be  interesting at the Mumbai Football Arena staduim. Both teams  are fighting to survive in the points table.

Mumbai City FC’s have bright start to the season and  has brought to a screeching halt. On Friday, Mumbai have the perfect opportunity to regain lost momentum when they take on the struggling FC Goa at the Andheri Sports Complex. They head into the match knowing that they haven’t lost a match at home this season, and that a win would send them back to the top of the Indian Super League standings.

“We are playing well. Even in games which we have lost, we could have had different results. We lost at least two matches largely due to our own mistakes rather than the merits of the other team,” Zico said during the pre-match media briefing.

Teams squads.
Teams squads.

Mumbai are able to hold on to the ball a lot better than their opponents at the moment but both teams haven’t done anything decisive with it. Sony Norde has been the one showing the most intent from the home side.

IN 35min of the game,DEFEDERICO take a corner and it was cleared by the goa defender. But the ball came right back into the goal area, whereas the GOA goalkeeper saved it and give it forward. This lead goa to a counter attack. After that, PRATESH SHIRODKAR  made a good pass into the goal post area but he found no one at that side. That was the best chance for goa to came back into the form.

GOAL! (Richarlyson 41′) Mumbai City FC 0-1 FC Goa

JULIO CESAR made a lofted pass from a free kick at an acute angle from the right. The ball was found Richarlyson who seemed to have positioned himself for a ball of that manner. Then he  leapt and struck the ball and  crashed into goal. FC Goa have scored their third goal of the season.

Richarlyson in action after scored the goal for FC Goa.
Richarlyson in action after scored the goal for FC Goa.

Jackichand does superbly to slip the ball past Keegan Perreira and runs on to the ball. It’s 4 on 4 for Mumbai, but Sena Ralte’s cross evades Jacki and Goa breathe again. Mumbai break with the lively Jackichand. He lays the ball off to Forlan, but for once the Uruguayan’s touch deserts him. Ashutosh recovers the ball and swings in a teasing cross BUT THERE IS NO ONE IN BLUE IN THE SIX YARD BOX.


                                            ATTACK INDEX:

           MUMBAI FC                                                                              GOA FC

                       54%                        BALL POSSESION                             46%

                           7                                   SHOTS                                             8

                          3                                  CORNERS                                        4

                          11                                 FOULS                                              18

The final whistle is blown by the refree. And  Goa were superb going forward – Trindade, Cesar, Joffre, Richarlyson and Robin Singh causing a lot of problems for Mumbai whenever they went forward. whereas Mumbai had flashes of promise – especially via Norde and Jackichand but were shorn of the dynamism of their previous displays.


HERO OF THE MATCH: Richarlyson







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