La Liga 2016/17: Barcelona can only offer Lionel Messi a €35 million a year contract

Lionel Messi netted a record-breaking free kick for Barcelona as they beat Athletic Club Getty

Lionel Messi’s contract situation remains unresolved but it looks like a positive step has been taken by the Catalans to secure his future. The club are reportedly willing to shell out an amount of 35 million a year as part of his wages as per Marca.

This is the amount Barcelona are limited to and will not be able to go any higher due to a lack of availability of funds. The Argentine’s current contract reportedly earns him around 40 million Euros a month but unfortunately, this is not the only stumbling block.

Messi also has several other conditions that the club must meet before he signs a new contract. Money is only a secondary issue for the magician and he is more concerned about the shape his career will take as he enters the last leg of this incredible journey he has been on.

Messi’s first ever contract was signed on a piece of napkin. The Argentine had shown great promise and the technical director wanted to sign him but there was some delay in talks because of his pre-existing metabolic condition.

Lionel Messi netted a record-breaking free kick for Barcelona as they beat Athletic Club Getty

Messi’s father was not willing to wait any longer and the technical director decided to write up a contract on the only piece of material he could find which was a white napkin.

Lionel Messi is vital to Barcelona and there is a lot of dependency on him every time he takes to the field of play. Barcelona know that and Luis Enrique knows that. The only problem is the manager will be leaving at the end of the season and it is up to the club board to convince him to sign the new contract.

Money has been a problem often discussed when it comes to a new contract. Ivan Raktiic was initially going to be the scapegoat in the summer to fund Messi’s new deal but that does not look very likely.

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But if reports are true then Barcelona might not be able to offer Messi the same wages as the currently earns. Considering Messi is already a 29 and does not have too much time on his hands when it comes to maximizing his ability.

Therefore, he wants to be guaranteed that Barcelona will also invest in winning more trophies before the end of his career. This includes singing the right type of players and also keeping Real Madrid at bay.

Apart from the Messi problem, there is the small matter of their second leg against Paris Saint-Germain. The Catalans have to mount a very unlikely comeback if they want to progress into the next round of the UEFA Champions League.

But overcoming a 4 goal deficit has never been done in the Champions League era.

Messi will most likely sign a new contract but it won’t be easy negotiating. But both parties want the same thing and it’s only a matter of time until he signs the new contract.

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