WWE SmackDown Live Results January 3nd 2017, Latest SmackDown Live winners and video highlights

The Miz called out Renee Young but got The Lunatic Fringe instead.

Be ready to watch another grand episode of WWE Smackdown that is going to air after some hours on WWE Channel. This is the first live event after New Year 2017. The WWE Smackdown 3rd January 2017 is going to be a fabulous one.

There is no doubt that this episode of Smackdown is going to be one of the best episodes of the show. Yes, 3rd January 2017 episode of WWE Tuesday Night Smackdown will be Live, and it is going to be an interesting Episode to watch.

A highly anticipated episode of SmackDown Live happened coming off a critically acclaimed episode the previous week. There was an Intercontinental Championship match, a contract signing, and another highly anticipated match. Did SmackDown Live live up to the previous week’s defeat of Raw?

The first SmackDown Live of 2017 kicked off with The Miz & Maryse.  The Miz began to praise himself, Maryse and the Intercontinental title. He said his only New Year’s resolution is to be more forgiving, and then called out Renee Young demanding an apology. He threatened to not let the show go on unless Renee came out. The crowd started chanting “We want Ambrose” and The Miz said he wanted Renee.

  • The Miz called out Renee Young but got The Lunatic Fringe instead.
  • Right after, Ambrose came out, and The Miz put Maryse as his shield while he stood outside the ropes. Maryse then slapped Dean Ambrose. The “it” couple fled, and Ambrose said that the hardest part of his night was over, because Maryse hits harder than The Miz does. 
  • SmackDown Live made an incredible introduction to 2017: Baron Corbin vs Dolph Ziggler

  • Ziggler started off with the offence, but it didn’t take long for Corbin to turn the tables. One spot saw the referee accidentally count to 3. The commentators focused more on talking about the year that Corbin and Ziggler have had. Corbin continued to be dominant while Ziggler got the offence in time and again only. 


  • After the commercial break, Corbin still had control and took a hard shot at Ziggler which saw a near fall. Shortly after this, the momentum fell towards Ziggler’s side, where he hit the stinger splash and an elbow. One of the following spots saw Corbin hit a vicious clothesline on Ziggler which saw another near fall. The crowd was fully behind this match, more on the side of the Show Off.

    The Showoff reached his breaking point after losing to The Lone Wolf.
  • Ziggler managed to land a Zig-zag on Corbin, but Corbin kicked out once again. Another attempt at offence towards Corbin saw The Lone Wolf counter it into The End Of Days, and pick up the win. 

    Baron Corbin defeated Dolph Ziggler

    After the match, Corbin tried to attack Ziggler with a steel chair, but Kalisto came out for the save and cleared Corbin from the ring. When Kalisto turned his back, Ziggler superkicked him and turned heel in the process. He told Kalisto that he didn’ t need him in a frustrated voice.


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